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News 27 November 2023

The first ETIP PV Social White paper has been released!

Towards Sustainable and Massive Deployment of Photovoltaics: The Nexus of Socio-Economic and Technological Challenges

This newly published White paper from the Social PV Working Group of the ETIP PV explores some of the key challenges that the energy transition needs to address when it comes to reaching high PV deployment rates. This publication is the first of a newly established working group. The Social PV Working Group was established to solve the challenges of photovoltaics as a social object, identifying and addressing concerns, risks and barriers, and maximising the value PV can bring communities.

The working group, lead by JP PV coordinator Ivan Gordon, provides a set of recommendations to increase support, fund research and innovation, and engage with stakeholders and policymakers, by focusing on 4 key dimensions:
- Social Acceptance
- Public Engagement
- Skills and Workforce
- Environmental and Social Sustainability