What is EERA JP PV ?

EERA JP Photovoltaic Solar Energy (EERA-PV) is one of the 18 Joint Programmes of the European Energy Research Alliance. The objective of the EERA-PV Joint Programme is to accelerate the development of Photovoltaic Solar Energy towards an energy technology that can be implemented at a very large scale through Joint Programming activities by key research institutes in Europe.

The PV-sector has grown at a breath-taking pace in the previous 2 decades turning it into a 100 Billion $ sector and it is likely to expand by an additional factor of 10 over the next 2 decades.  Reaching the TeraWatt-level is necessary to accomplish the ambitious CO2-reduction goals of Europe and the world.

The objective of the Joint Programme is to further accelerate the development of Photovoltaic Solar Energy in order to help reach the European climate goals via joint programming and alignment of activities by the key PV research institutes in Europe. The Joint Programme focuses primarily on cost reduction of PV systems, through enhancement of performance, development of low-cost, high-throughput manufacturing processes, and improvement of lifetime and reliability of PV systems and components.

EERA Joint programmes

EERA by its  joint programme (JP) is a unique platform and an example of successful long-term European Research collaboration,

  • Working with industry.
  • A source of expert knowledge advicing policy makers
  • Partecipating in all European Technology & Innovation Platform and with global outreach
  • Contributing to 4 out of 7 Mission Innovation Challenges
  • by improving technology & lower the cost of low carbon technologies through EU and National projects