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Eera event 20-22 April 2022 - Lisboa, Portugal

Silicon Materials Workshop

This year and for the second time, we offer the participants of the SiMat and CSSC workshops a joint and unique virtual event hosted by the University of Lisbon in Portugal, (April 20-22, 2022). The CSSC workshop focuses on the silicon material and the substrate with strong attention on crystallization. The SiMat workshop focuses on the connection between silicon materials and cell and module technologies. Combining the two workshops will create a fantastic opportunity to exchange knowledge and insights between industrial and scientific participants from the two communities. The program will include invited and contributed oral and poster presentations in addition to open forum discussions on selected topics.
Welcome to a unique silicon for photovoltaics event.

Topics to be covered at the workshop are:

• Fundamental materials science related to crystalline silicon solar cells
• Silicon feedstock technologies
• Crystallization of multicrystalline, quasi-mono, monocrystalline silicon
• Advanced wire sawing and emerging kerfless technologies
• Novel materials and processing for advanced cell architecture 
• Impact of silicon material to performance of cell, module and PV system
• Degradation phenomena related to silicon materials on cell and module performance (e.g. LID, LeTID, PID, hotspot, etc.)

In the past, CSSC was held in Sendai, Japan (2006), Xiamen, China (2007), Trondheim, Norway (2009), Taipei, Taiwan (2010), Boston, USA (2011), Aix-les-Bains, France (2012), Fukuoka, Japan (2013), Bamberg, Germany (2015),  Tempe, USA (2016) and Sendai (2018).

The SiMat was held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands (2008), Rome, Italy (2013), Tempe, USA (2016).


Practical information


20 Apr 2022 - 22 Apr 2022


Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon (FCUL)

Campo Grande 016, 1749-016 Lisboa, Portugal